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You may already have Deba Knife, but if you cook fish, you should you use it.
There are many variations and materials of Deba knife. And, you may see a left-handed knife and double-edged types of it. Now we would like to explain about Deba Knife and introduce some brands.

It is difficult to cook fish with Gyuto or Santoku knives, which often leads to a sense of weakness. But if you use a Deba knife, even beginners can cook fish well.

What is Deba Knife?

Deba knives are used to cook fish from a long time ago in Japan. If you use it with a sharp tip and a thick blade, you can easily cut even hard part such as fish bones. In fact, even if it is cut into three pieces, the body of fish doesn't be crushed.

For those who wants to cook and eat delicious fish at home, we recommend you to have Deba knife.

How to choose Deba Knife

The size of blade

Please check the length of blade when you choose Deba knife.
If you cook fish at home, you should choose 10cm blade of length.
The small deba knife with a blade length of about 10 cm is ideal for handling small fish.

If you want to cook bigger fish, you should choose a deba knife with a blade length of 15 cm or more, which is more like a professional deba knife.

If you are a professional chef, you should check a length of 20 cm or more.
It is heavy but you can cut a big fish very well.

The material of the blade

Hagane is hard and it can make it easy to cut food, but it can be rust easily.
You need to wipe out water and take care of it everytime you use it.

On the other hand, stainless steel is relatively inexpensive and easy to clean.
They are resistant to rust and have high durability.

The material of handle

1. Wooden Handle

Most of the Deba knives are wooden handle. It is light and water resistant, and it's not slippery even if you hold it with wet hands, so even beginners can cook with it.

2. Stainless Handle

All stainless steel is clean and seamless, so dirt does not collect easily. It's heavier than wood, so it's stable to use.

Single or Double edged blade

Deba knife basically has a single edged blade for right-handed. If you are left-handed, you should choose a left-handed one.

There is also a "double-edged" blade knife that has blades on both right and left sides. It can be used with either the right or left hand people, but the sharpness is a little bit lower than that of a single-edged blade.



DEBA Knife

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