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MASAMOTO | Over 150 years history

MASAMOTO is one of the most popular knife brand among sushi chefs. 
MASAMOTO knives have been cultivated and refined over a long history. 

It features a high grade carbon steel that when polished are easy to sharpen. 

History of Masamoto knife

Masamoto Sohonten was founded by Minosuke Matsuzawa in Tokyo more than 150 years ago. It's the first manufacturer that makes a honyaki knife by the same technique of making samurai sword in Eastern Japan (Tokyo) . At that time, Eastern Japan area was not center of manufacturing a sword, so Minosuke Matsuzawa went to Western Japan to succeed as a knife master. and became an expert in Osaka.
In 1874, he manufactured and sold the first kitchen knife in Tokyo.
After that, he opened professional knife store in Azumabashi, Tokyo.
In 1890, Minosuke continued his training until he died at the young age of 47, and the essence of the technique and product management of genuine kitchen knives is still inherited.

Six generations of masters have inherited the essence of blade making. The passion of genuine kitchen knife technology and product management is still continued.

Masamoto knife is must-have item for professional Japanese food chefs, sushi chefs and so on.

Each traditional knife represents a masterpiece of uniform excellence that we hope customers will use for years to come. 

Masamoto | Excellent Japanese Knife for Chefs

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