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Carving Knife | What you should know

Among many kinds of kitchen knife, Carving Knife is unique. It's a knife that can engrave fruits,  cutting vegetables and so on. You may see it at your friends' kitchen. There are various products from beginners to advanced users.

Now we will introduce recommended carving knives and explain points on how to choose them. It would be great if you understand Carving Knife and compare with other Japanese knives.

Have you ever used a Carving Knife?

Carving Knife was originally used in Southeast Asia, carving with finely carved vegetables and fruits to decorate the king's meal. It's been spread from there to the world, and you may see people carved watermelons, cucumbers, radishes, soaps and so on. In the United States, some people use Carving Knife to decorate Halloween party.

The blade of carving knife is typically curved and sharp, so it is necessary to choose the shape of the blade according to the engraving to be performed.

It's elongated so that detailed knife work can be done easily.

The point of choosing Carving Knife

There are a couple of points to choose carving knives, shape, size, and handle material.

Each has different points, so we will explain by kinds of carving knife.

blade and length

It's important to check the length of the knife and the overall size because they affect ease of use. Before choosing the knife, we recommend you to imagine how you want to use it.

The material of handle

1. Plastic Handle

Plastic handle does not rust, so it can be used for a long time. It's a light handle, so you won't be get tired.
There are a couple of demerits. It's not durable. And it may be scratched and deformed if you drop,

2. Stainless Handle

Stainless steel is resistant to heat and does not deteriorate easily, so you can have it for a long time. But the handle is hard and heavy, so you may get tired to use it. You should check the weight in advance.

3. Wooden Handle

Unlike plastic and stainless steel, wooden handle has different strength depending on temperature and environment.
The points are lightweight and non-slip.