Japan Knife Shop is owned by a Japanese company. All products are made in Japan.

Welcome to “Japan Knife Shop” Official Blog

Welcome to “Japan Knife Shop” Official Blog

Hello, Welcome to “Japan Knife Shop” Official Blog!

Let us introduce ourselves.

We run Japanese Kitchen Knife shop in Japan.

Our shop is located in Japan and operated by Japanese stuff.

This blog is also written by Japanese stuff.

We have a variety of Japanese famous brands.

Of course, all knives are made in Japan.

These days, many of stuff are sold in Japan but made in China, but we exclusively sell knives made in Japan.

But we sell only Japanese knives and all products are shipped from Japan to you.

In this blog, we would like to introduce some tips, history, production, basic of kitchen knives.

Also, we would like to write about Japanese food and a part of Japanese culture, so don't miss news from us.

You’re welcome to visit our online store!

Have a nice day!

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