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Boning, a meat-cutting knife, and it's commonly used at butcher store or market. But recently some people use it to slice sashimi, and it became popular to use it at home not only in Japan but also in Western countries.

It became a versatile kitchen knife that can cut not only meat but also fish beautifully.

If you cook both fish and meat, we strongly recommend you boning knife to cook well. But surprisingly, it's also useful to cut fruits.

What is Boning Knife?

Boning Knife is a knife that is used to cut meat basically.

This knife is necessary when dismantling meat, but you may use use gyuto knife, Honesuki knife, and Peeling knife besides boning knife.

Boning knife is originally used by dismantling meat professionals.
Roasted beef and steaks served at high-grade restaurants are carefully cut off by them so that these meat has not beef tendon (Beef Sinew).

The features of Boning Knife

A typical boning knife has a long, straight-edged and thin blade, and it has a flat cutting edge with a slight curve up to its sharp point.

It looks like gyuto but typical boning knife is longer than gyuto.
It also looks like a long petty knife.

Many chefs use boning knife to cut large meat, while they also use it to work cutting small parts or food such as fruits.

How to Choose a Boning Knife

It’s necessary to focus on quality when you purchase a kitchen knife. There are a couple of things you should know:


You should get a reasonably heavy one. Some boning knives are small and short, but lighter one could be poor quality knife. It's because heavy knife makes it easy to cut thick meat smoothly.


There are some types of length blade, but you should Look for a blade length of around 15 cm to cut enough.
Usually, the length of blade among Japanese boning knives are between 13 cm and 17 cm.  


There are mainly two types of handles, wooden and stainless.

We recommend you should have it if you cook meat and you will know it's very easy to cook meat with it.

Boning Knife | Meat-Cutting

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