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Do you know Gyuto Knife?

Gyuto knife, also called Chefs knife, was introduced from the West to Japan as a universal knife long time ago. It has a sharp tip and an elongated cutting edge. These features were originally designed to be convenient for cutting chunks of meat into small pieces. In addition, this knife makes it possible to cut vegetables and fruits by taking advantage of its sharpness.

The features of Gyuto Knife

-It has a sharp tip point.
-Thanks to the sharp tip point, it's easy to insert the cutting edge first when cutting meat.
-The blade width is not very thick.
-It's also called Chefs knife
-It's relatively easy to cut large meat.
-It can be used to chop vegetable, but not for julienne strips.

The point of choosing Gyuto Knife

The length of the blade

It's very important to choose the size of blade. If you use it at home, we recommend to use the length of 18 to 21 cm blade. Long knife, over 25 cm is difficult for beginners to use, but it depends on your hands.

If you purchase it for the first time, choose 18 to 21 cm blade of length. It's easy to handle and popular.

Over 21 cm blade is useful when you cook block meat and large fish. If you are a professional chef, you may need to use the long one for advanced cook.

The material of the blade

There are a couple of blade types.
Damascus knife is very unique and beautiful blade.
If you have it at your kitchen, people around you may think you are a professional.

The material of handle

Wooden handle is the most popular among Gyuto knives.

The weight of kitchen knife

The heavier, the smoother you can cut food.

As we explained, Gyuto knife is multi-purpose knife for cooking, so we recommend you look for the one if you don't have it yet. Of course, it would be great you have a couple of Gyuto knives.

GYUTO | Japanese Chefs Knife

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