Japan Knife Shop is owned by a Japanese company. All products are made in Japan.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What payment options are available?

A. We accept the following payment options,
(1) PayPal
(2) Credit Card (Visa, Master, AMEX, etc)

Q. I would like to know why won't my payment go through? Why wasn't my order accepted (was denied)? 

A. The typical reason is the payment you're referring to has been stopped by Paypal's or Credit Card internal security system. Please ask PayPal or credit card company.

Q. How much is the shipping fee ? I want to know the total cost including item price and shipping fees.

A. You can check the total shipping fee before confirm your order;
 (1) add all the items into shopping cart 
 (2) Choose your destination and fill in Zip code, and click the button
 (3) you'll see the total shipping fee including shipping fee.

Q. Can you ship items to my country?

A. Yes, we can send any kitchen knives to most of countries but Japan Post does not accept sending some areas due to war or sever disaster.
We have a lot of shipping experience sending more than 100 countries, so we send items to your area.

Q: How long does it take to ship my orders?

A: We normally ship items within 3 to 5 business days after your payment if the item is available except Saturday, Sunday, Japanese Public holidays, New Year holidays(Dec.30 to Jan.3) and summer holidays (Aug.10 to 15). If the item is not available, we will contact you via email and let you know when the item will be shipped.

Q. How long will it take for my order to receive?

A. If you choose Expedited Shipping, you will receive the item in a week after the shipment. If you choose Standard Shipping, it will take a couple of weeks, but depends on your area. The day of arrival may be different from your area, and can be delayed due the state of affairs in the addressee's country, customs clearance, or for political reasons.
Please refer shipping policy.

Q. Can you let me know where the item is after the shipment ?

A. Your item will be shipped via Japan Post from Japan. All orders have a tracking number, and you can check the delivery status via the following URL. Please input the tracking number as listed so that you can trace the information of your order.
Also, please access directly the URL of your-country's Postal Company for the detailed information. 


In some countries, local postal company's tracking info does not work correctly. In that case, please wait for more than a week after the parcel left Japan, and please call the customer service of the Postal Company and the international customs office in your country.


In most cases, your items may be hold at the local post office or customs office for processing or waiting for your tax payment.
Please remind you need to pay tax before receiving items in some area.

Q: What options of delivery do you offer?

A: There are three options; Economy, Standard or Expedited International Shipping via Japan Post. Please choose Expedited International Shipping because it's the fastest one.

Q: How soon will I receive the item via Expedited International Shipping?

A: Items delivered via the Expedited International Shipping usually takes up to 6 to 10 business days, depend on your destination. Please note that unexpected happening such as disaster may cause further delays.

Q. Do I need to pay Custom Duties(Import Tax), GST (Goods & Services Tax), and VAT (Value-Added-Tax) ?

A. Sorry for the inconvenience but we cannot control or know how much the taxation or the customs duty into your country would be imposed concretely.
In our experience, orders to the US may get charged up to 10% once the overall value more than $200. It is just a reference and we can not guarantee that these costs will be accurate. 
Please ask directly your local international customs office if you need more information.

Please check the link page below regarding Custom Duties(Import Tax),

Q. I cannot check out, why?

A. In our experience, some of the information you entered can be incorrect, or necessary information such as telephone number is missing. Please check everything you entered is correct when you fill in.

Q. An error message popped up when I tried to pay on PayPal, what should I do?

A. The message appears when there is a problem with your billing details on PayPal.
Please try or check again your PayPal account.

Q. Can I order a product (kitchen knives) that is not sold on the web site?

A. In that case, please contact us what you are looking for. We do our best to meet any request if the item is in Japan.

Q. How can I return the item?

A. Please refer to "Return & Cancel Policy" page.