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Santoku Knife is one of the most popular kitchen knives in Japan.
Before you look for the best one on our online shop, we would like to explain about Santoku Knife and introduce some brands.
It would be nice if you understand Santoku Knife and compare with other Japanese knives.

Do you know Santoku Knife?

Santoku knife is a multi-purpose kitchen knife for home chefs, and it is widely found in Japanese households than Gyuto knives. The length of blade is typically between 165mm and 180mm.
It features the cutting edge, and it's sharp to make it easier to cook meat and fish. Also, the blade is gently curved to make it easier to cut vegetables. It is used as a multi-purpose kitchen knife that can handle all kinds of ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables.

The point of choosing Santoku Knife

There are some points when choosing a Santoku knife, the material of the blade and handle, the length of the blade, the weight, etc.

The material of the blade

There are basically 4 kinds of materials, Stainless, Ceramic, Hagane, Titanium.

Each blade has both merit and demerit.
It's the most important point what kind of material you choose.


If you are chef, you may choose this type the first.
Because it's hard and has a moderate weight and sharp, you can cut food easily.
But it can be rust easily, so you need to take care of it everytime you use it.
If you don't want to take care of knives so much, you should choose other materials.

2. Stainless

Stainless steel is relatively inexpensive and easy to clean. The sharpness depends on the item, but the more sharpness you want, the more expensive you should choose because the sharpness is in proportion to price.
Some stainless steels are made of a mixture of metals such as molybdenum. They are resistant to rust and have high durability.

3. Ceramic, Titanium

There are other materials, Ceramic and Titanium.
We will add these knives in the future.

The material of handle

1. Wooden Handle

The wooden handle is very easy to hold and fits comfortably in your hand. Also, it's not slippery, so you can cook with confidence.

2. Stainless Handle

The stainless steel handle is extremely easy to clean. It looks cool because the material blade and handle is the same.

The weight of kitchen knife

The weight is one of the most important points when you choose a kitchen knife.
Some people like the one with a moderate weight because it's more stable and easier to use , while others find it easier to use with a lighter one. It totally depends on a occasion, your hands and what you cook.

We have popular Japanese brands of Santoku knife products.
As we explained, Santoku knife is multi-purpose knife for cooking fish, meat and vegetable, and now it's an international  tool for cooking. We strongly recommend you look for the one if you don't have it yet. Of course, it would be great you have a couple of Santoku knives.

SANTOKU | Multi Purpose Knife

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