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The Paring is used for peeling and shaping fruits or vegetable, especially good for cutting small food.
Of course many Japanese chefs use it, but recently people use it at home to cut fruits.

What is paring knife?

Paring knife is indispensable item in your kitchen when you cook and cut small items.
Paring knife is a small knife that is commonly for peeling and shaping an apple or vegetable, especially good for cutting small food.

Some people think it's as same as petty knife or other general utility knives, but Paring knife is different.

The difference is the length of blade

The blade length is about between 75mm and 125mm, whereas the blade length of petty knife is about between 120mm and 150mm, but it depends on the manufacture how long it is exactly.
Some manufactures call petty knife, even if its blade length is under 120mm.

When you need Paring Knife

Peeling and cutting small fruits or vegetables
Cutting small food such as garlic and herbs
Cooking prawns

The point of choosing Paring Knife

There are some points when choosing a Paring knife, the material of the blade and handle, the length of the blade, handle, etc.

There are damascus, stainless and non-stick blades.

Paring Knives | Shop by brand

Japanese famous brands. Shikisai Miyako and Kanetsune, offers damascus knife.
The blade looks so beautiful.

Mac (Mac Inc) is also famous brands in Japan, offers both Stainless and Non-Stick Coating Steel, which is easy to clean.

We would like you to know the feature of paring knife.

It would be nice if you understand Paring Knife and compare with other Japanese knives. Hopefully, you will find the best knife.

PARING KNIFE | Peeling and Cutting

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