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Damascus steel is famous for the elegant quality, durability, and extraordinary sharpness.
Also, it's made by forging together iron and steel or steel alloys.
The patterns are beautiful and no two blades are alike which makes Damascus steel knives a work of excellence.

History of Damascus Steel

Damascus steel (also known as Wootz steel) is a steel material made in ancient India. In Damascus, Syria, the sword made from this Wootz steel has a beautiful striped pattern, so it's called Damascus steel. Now the Wootz steel does not exist, and unfortunately the manufacturing method is uncertain.

What is Damascus Knife?

Damascus knives are made by various types of metal layer around a hard steel core, and forged high-class knives are characterized by a beautiful striped pattern on the blade. In addition to the beautiful appearance of the blade, Damascus knives have the sharpness and durability. Recently, not only professionals but also ordinary households are looking for Japanese Damascus knives.

Japanese Damascus knives are laminated and forged using various types of steel and metal to reproduce the Damascus pattern.

The features of Damascus knife

-Rust resistant material with excellent corrosion resistance
-High durability
-Durable to prevent blade spills
-Looks beautiful

Rust-resistant material

Stainless steel knives are useful because they do not rust easily, but Damascus knives are also rust-resistant. This is because molybdenum steel, which is a material that is particularly resistant to rust, is used for the core material. The feature is that it does not rust easily and can be used for a long time.

Sharpness and highly durable

The blade of Damascus knives is made of hard steel such as molybdenum as the core material, and various types of steel and metal are layered on top of it.
The blade, which has both hardness and suppleness, is characterized by its high durability as well as its sharpness.

Beautiful and hard to spill

In addition to being resistant to rust, one of its attractions is that it is durable and does not easily spill even when used on a daily basis. Damascus knives are not only beautiful in appearance, but they are also durable and strong.

Because most of them are handmade and carefully crafted so that the stock is limited. As the stock is limited, we recommend you to purchase Damascus knives as soon as possible if you are interested.


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