Japan Knife Shop is owned by a Japanese company. All products are made in Japan.

The Reason Why Our Shop is Selected by Chefs

1. Authentic Made-in-Japan Kitchen Knives 

2. Shipping from Japan to your country, Anywhere

3. We offer Return Guarantee to our customers

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 Features of Japanese Knives Specialty Store

Features of Japanese Knives Specialty Store

Japan Knife Shop is an online specialty store of professional Japanese knives.
We ship Japanese knives from Japan anywhere in the world.
Our main mission is to let people out of Japan know how wonderful Japanse kitchen knives are.

When we ship products, we pack all kitchen knives in a product box one by one, and the cushioning material is sandwiched between them to avoid

shipping damage so that you don't have to worry about damage.
The packages have a tracking number so you can easily see where the item you ordered is located.

All products are made in Japan and Japanese stuff pack and ship them from Japan.
No matter where you are, you can buy Japanese knives via online.We ship packages from Japan to anywhere in the world with best shipping price.
You can also pay by credit cards, PayPal or Apple Pay.
In fact, there have been no problems with the quality of sold Japanese knives on our store so far.
What is more, you will get free shipping service if you purchase a lot of knives depending on the total price.

Kitchen knives are one of the traditional crafts in Japan, and in the old days, knives were manufactured to make swords from about 800 years ago.
They are developed during manufacturing swords, and now they are popular among chefs all over the world.
In fact, many of the kitchen knives and whetstones used by famous chefs are made in Japan.

There is a wide variety of Japanese food, so there are a wide variety of cutlery depending on the purpose and food.
If you maintenance knives regularly, they can be used for decades without losing their sharpness, so using Japanese knives is a great deal in the long run.

All products are handmade and carefully manufactured by craftsmen over time.
We have a wide variety of knives such as deba, gyuto, santoku, steak knife, honesuki and so on.
All items are famous brands in Japan, and we only handle high quality brands.
In addition, there are multiple types of blades such as stainless steel, Hagane carbon steel and blue paper steel.
And there are a couple of handle types, wood and stainless or more.
Having a large selection of tools will increase your cooking inspiration.
The sharpness and freshness of the food after cutting by Japanese knives cannot be experienced with other knives.

We guarantee that you will enjoy cooking with the Japanese knives.
You will be surprised at the quality and sharpness of them.
By all means, get a Japanese knife, give yourself a wide range of cooking, and fully enjoy your meal.